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VICTOR SANTOS - Accordion Player
VICTOR SANTOS - Accordion Player

Victor Santos,
Renowned international accordionist, with
more than 20 albums recorded in several
countries, has born in Europe.
At the age of six, his father, a music
professor, instilled in him a love for the
music and the accordion.
Due to his abilities and intense studies,
at the early age of 12, he performed his
first songs in public and on radio
Later he performed throughout Europe,
from Holland to Portugal, and from Brazil
to Venezuela and the United States, and
record for several record labels, like
Philips, Polydor, TH, Palacio, etc.
Victor has been dedicated in recording
instrumental popular music, accompanied
with a group or orchestra, or by a
symphonic orchestra for television
The chromatic accordion (with buttons),
that Victor plays, is the true accordion.
All world known accordionists uses this
type of instrument.


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